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You know the sound the TARDIS makes? That wheezing, groaning… That sound brings hope wherever it goes. To anyone who hears it, Doctor. Anyone, however lost.
…Even you.

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Deep Breath : Goodbye Raggedy Man


A new series, a new (Scottish) Doctor in the TARDIS, a giant dinosaur in Victorian London spontaneously combusts, but the question is: will Clara get over the loss of Matt Smith’s big chin?
Thrown into an impressive series opener that, for me, provided a fantastic snapshot of what we can expect from Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor, we were introduced to the Twelfth Doctor (I know some people say he’s the thirteenth, or the fourteenth, but for argument’s sake I’m going to stick with the BBC’s designation of ‘Twelfth’) in style with a mixture of comedy, confusion, anger, flirting with a dinosaur, before the Doctor collapsed as a final fall-out from his explosive regeneration in the 2013 Christmas special.

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just press play

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What's your perfect weekend?

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Oh, you’re VERY good :D

I hereby declare it ‘Honesty Hour’


Submit your questions.   I shall answer.  No lies.

(and to be honest the ‘hour’ bit is flexible… I’m not in any rush!)

Let’s give this another go!

Quiet evening in… #ImpossibleGirl #SouffleGirl #DoctorWho #BowtiesAreCool

What one question would YOU ask on anon to a specific person if they were doing honesty hour like you did? Don't tell us to whom, tho ;)

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One specific person or one specific tumblr-er? I’d probably ask them to describe their idea of a perfect weekend… then I’d hope and dream to maybe, one day, be able to give them that

thanks for the sweet caption :)

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Awww that’s quite alright! I would also like to add “absolutely gorgeous” to my previous comment :)


who made this?! 

Possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

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Game of Thrones S04E06 | Braavos in the opening credits

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